The emblem of Government Medical college depicts the significance of medicine and its relationship with nature powered by patriotism.

  • The Government Medical College, Ongole along with the three characteristics of modern day medical practice of “science, art and research” embraced in the circles depicting the tricolor – Outer saffron, Middle White and Inner Green represent the nationalism. The circles indicate the wholesome of life.
  • The Caduceus primarily derived from Greek Mythology is an extension of Asclepius’ (Greek God of Medicine) serpent winding round the staff. The serpent is often considered as a sign of wisdom as per Indian mythology. The two serpents intertwined indicates balance and harmony, which are the essential qualities of life.
  • The opened up wings attached to the staff is an indication of freedom and quality of flying high with sky as the limit.
  • The cloud in the blue color represents serenity, stability, inspiration and health.
  • The cloud in the Green color represents our closeness to the nature.
  • The rising sun symbolizes empowerment, knowledge and goodness.