The Medical Education Unit (MEU) for Government Medical College was formed in 2012.

Objectives of MEU

  • Sensitise teachers about new concepts in teaching and assessment methods.
  • Develop knowledge and clinical skills required for performing the role of competent and effective teacher, administrator, researcher and mentor.
  • Assist clinicians to acquire competency in communication and behavioural skills.
  • Update knowledge using modern information and research methodology tools.

S. No.


Designation & Department


Mobile Number

1           Dr. P.V. Sudhakar           ADME / Principal           Chairman           9848160360
2           Dr. R. Sirisha           Associate Professor of Physiology           MEU Co-ordinator           9490397909
3           Dr. S. Appala Naidu           Professor & HOD of Community Medicine           Faculty           9848130881
4           Dr. B. Thirumala Rao           Assistant Professor of Community Medicine           Faculty           8008182116
5           Dr. K. Solomon Raju           Professor & HOD of Pharmacology           Faculty           9440249524
6           Dr. G. Durga Devi           Professor & HOD of Physiology           Faculty           9985894282
7           Dr. C. Vasavi           Associate Professor of General Medicine           Faculty           9848634567
8           Dr. Ch. Venkata Ramana           Professor & HOD of Biochemistry           Faculty           9866535489
9           G.V. Esther Rani           Store Keeper           Supportive Staff           8978305459