Department of Anatomy

The structure of the human body is taught through lectures, cadaver dissections, and study of bones, charts and models. The facilities include a state of the art research lab, adequate cadavers, storage facility, Auto Embedding Machine, Embalming facilities, Binocular microscopes with photomicrographic attachment and dissection tables. Besides this there is a museum with 405 wet and dry specimens.


Anatomy Lab:

Embalming procedures: Embalming technique is an art and science of chemically treating the dead human body, to reduce the presence and growth of microorganisms and preserve the human remains to forestall decomposition and utilize for academic purposes.

Cadaveric Workshops: Cadaveric skill labs are a valuable tool for improving the surgical skills. Considering the advantages of cadaveric workshops over other surgical training modalities, there is a need to expand the scope. This method provides an opportunity to upgrade both basic and advanced surgical skills for different grades of surgeons and in revisiting anatomy which can be translated to better patient care.

Respects: Respect to dead teaching the living, paying homage to the departed soul who enlightened the students with the knowledge of human anatomy.

Students appreciation of the humanity of those who went under the knife as a service to mankind. In order to bind science and humanity it is critical to realize our responsibility to reciprocate the anatomical gift of a human body with respect, compassion, care and dignity.

Anatomy Museum: Extensive museum with a large specimen count with variability, Specimens are not only limited to anatomical aspects but also embryological aspects and anomalies related to it.

Teaching Skills – Research Focussed Learning: Research forms an integral part of the education program of the department. The undergraduate students undergo a short training course in basic research methodology and bio-statistical methods in medical research.

The department of Anatomy has always made an endeavor to direct its various research activities to the relative needs of the society.

Histology Lab:

Well equipped histology lab with equally good collection of histology specimens and lab equipment. Highend Microscopes for every students. Histology or microscopic anatomy is taught through lectures and practicals. The Histology Laboratory is well equipped with 150 microscopes. Demonstrations are done by using monocular microscopes.  To study different tissues of sectional study and also different microscopic pictures of Charts and boards available. There are microtomes manual and mechanical available for histology tissue slide preparation. There are demonstration rooms with a seating capacity for 75 students, in the department of Anatomy and seminar room, mandatory locker facilities also available for students. The library is well equipped with books, journals. A strong emphasis is placed on teaching, which is done by experienced and dedicated faculty.

Department Of Anatomy

S. No.
1          Dr. S.V.V. Naga Raja Mannar          Professor & HOD
2          Dr. L. Rajaneesh Babu          Assistant Professor
3          Dr. Ch. Pratyusha          Assistant Professor
4         Dr. S. Saraswathamma          Assistant Professor
5          Dr. Ch. Jwalaram Kumar          Assistant Professor
6          Dr. Kollipara Tanjuja Devi          Assistant Professor
7          Dr. B. C. Balaji          Tutor