Department of Bio-Chemistry

The undergraduate training of the department includes theory classes which are interactive and clinically relevant practical sessions and OSPE/clinical case studies to trigger interest in the concepts of biochemistry. The faculty do provide additional academic support for slow learners and feedback is regularly given to students on their performance in examinations.

Special Demonstration Experiments for undergraduates
  • Principles and working of pH meter, Colorimeter, and Spectrophotometer
  • Analysis of samples by Semi Auto Analyzer
  • Electrophoresis
  • Paper chromatography
Facilities / Equipments
  • Fully Automated Analyzer – Beckman Coulter AU 480 (Chemistry Analyzer)
  • Chemiluminescence – Beckman Coulter Access 2
                                            i-FLASH 1800 (Hormones, Tumour Markers, Vitamins)
  • Blood Gas Analyzer – ABL 800 Radiometer (ABG & Electrolytes)
                                           i-STAT (ABBOTT)
                                           EDAN i15 (2)
  • Centrifuge – Remi R8C
                           Remi Microcentrifuge – RM12C
                           Remi Small
  • Spectrophotometer Semi Auto Analyzer
  • Semi Auto Analyzer –  Robonik Pre Test Touch Plus
                                            MISPA VIVA AGAPPE
  • Electrophoresis Apparatus
  • Electronic Balance
  • Colorimeter – ELCO

    With all the enlisted equipment, we are able to do Thyroid profile, ABG Analysis, Electrolytes and other chemistry profiles. Daily, we maintain internal quality control for both Chemistry and Hormone Analysis. We are doing inter Lab comparison for Parameters to check our Precision and Accuracy. As we go through the list of equipments, we have moved from colorimeter to Fully Automated Analyzer.

Department Of Bio-Chemistry

S. No.
1          Dr. Ch. Venkata Ramana          Professor & HOD
2          Dr. A. Saseekala          Associate Professor
3          Dr. P. Sudha Rani          Assistant Professor
4          Dr. K.V. Naga Raju          Assistant Professor
5          Mr. D. Bala Sundar          Tutor
6          Dr. P. Rajesh Kumar          Tutor