Department of Community Medicine

The department is striving to provide a high quality, community oriented training in Community Medicine to the undergraduate and post graduate medical students, to bring forth eminent and dedicated public health professionals and community physicians. The department is also consistently working towards discovery of new knowledge in the domain of health care of populations and application of the new found knowledge in the field.


  • To identify and manage common health problems in the community.
  • To perform as an effective team leader in the health care delivery system of India and to implement national health programs.
  • To investigate an outbreak/epidemic and take appropriate control measures.
  • To conduct basic epidemiological research.
  • To identity environmental and occupational hazards and to suggest appropriate preventive measures.
  • To be an effective communicator and health educator.


The Department includes the following facilities:
  • Chamber for H.O.D
  • Chambers for Prof. / Asst. Prof. / Tutors / Demonstrators Statistician
  • Office room
  • Demonstration halls
  • Departmental Library
  • Health Museum
  • Laboratory
    • Microscopes
    • Centrifuge
    • Autoclave
    • Hot Air Oven
    • Sterilizing Units
The Health Museum of the department has different types of exhibits
  • Models
    •  Lifecycles of Parasites
    •  Environmental Health
  • Specimen
    •  Parasites
    •  Public Health Chemicals
    •  Insecticides
    •  Vaccines & Cold Chain Equipments
    •  Family Welfare
  • Wax Models – Nutrition
  • Slides on
    •  Medical Entomology
    •  Parasitology
    •  Bacteriology
  • Projection Slides Library

Services Offered

Regularly participated in Intensified Pulse Polio Immunization Programmes

  • Health Awareness Camps
  • School Health Camps
  • Health Camps


  • Urban Health Training Center (UHTC) at Balaji Colony, Ongole
  • Rural Health Training Center (RHTC) at Maddipadu Village
Departmental activities
Undergraduate activities
  • Teaching & Training Programme
  • Conducting Field Visit, Family Study Visit, Seminars, Small Group discussions, Practicals, Clinical Social Care discussions for 1st, 2nd & 3rd year MBBS Students.
  • Conducting & Observing Public health days & weeks like World TB day, World Health day, World Population day etc.,
  • Interns are posted in Departments, RHTC, UHTC, CHC, MCH Center for 12 weeks.
  • OPD Services, Health Camps, National Health Programs
  • Interns presenting Seminars, conducting research and Posters preparation.
  • Health Programme on Public Health days.

Department Of Community Medicine

S. No.
1           Dr. S. Appala Naidu           Professor & HOD
2           Dr. P. Sudha Kumari           Associate Professor
3           Dr. M. Sandhya Rani           Associate Professor
4           Dr. B. Thirumala Rao           Assistant Professor
8           Dr. P. Bhuvaneswari           Assistant Professor
5           Dr. K. Radhika           Assistant Professor
6           Dr. M. Pradeep Kumar           Assistant Professor
6           Dr. M. Pradeep Kumar           Assistant Professor
7           Dr. V. Prasanna Rani           Assistant Professor
9           Dr. K. Mokshanand           Lecturer In Statistics
10           Mr. M.V. Ravi Sankar           Lecturer In Social Sciences
11           Mr. S. Raju           MPHEO