Department of General Medicine

The department of General Medicine has become an integral and essential part of this Medical Institution with growing stress and strain of life, awareness of illness and approachability of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences have resulted in increased pool of help seekers with medical problems.

The department of General Medicine of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital has been playing a crucial role in meeting these demands effectively and devotedly. The department has an out-patient section, in-patient ward, emergency services and community medicine wing. There are no hands to the clock for the services rendered by the faculty and the staff of the department of Medicine, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital. 

Clinical Services

History taking, clinical examination, proper diagnosis, effective treatment, regular follow – up and compliance of treatment with human touch and warmth are the hallmarks of the clinical services provided in the department of Medicine, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital.

Clinical Specific Focus

It would not be an exaggeration to claim that this is one of the few rare institutions who have all facilities in India.

Research Focus

Flood of information about recent scientific medical advances is to be coped up. It is reflected in the research activities, in which the department is engaged. The different areas of research which are emerging in the department are:

  • Research for Neuro- diagnostic evolutions.
  • Survey and evolution of epidemic dengue fevers.
  • Cardio vascular latest trends for diagnostics and therapeutics.
  • Research projects for community acquired community pneumonias.
  • PG training program for DOT treatment at RNTCP centers at our Hospital.

Department Of General Medicine

S. No.
1          Dr. C. Vasavi          Professor & HOD
2          Dr. G. Srinivas          Associate Professor
3          Dr. B. Srinivasa Rao          Associate Professor
4          Dr. P. Padmalatha          Associate Professor
5          Dr. Johan Richards Lingam          Assistant Professor
6          Dr. Neelam Yamini Shashank          Assistant Professor
7          Dr. G. Haveela          Assistant Professor
8          Dr. G. Veera Narayana          Assistant Professor
9          Dr. K. Chandra Sekhar          Assistant Professor
10          Dr. Lekkala Vinila          Assistant Professor
11          Dr. U. Nirmala          Tutor
12          Dr. S. Suvarna          Tutor