Department of Physiology

Physiology is the study of the functions of the body. Each course in the curriculum emphasizes an integrated study of human physiology. A strong emphasis is being placed on teaching, and the academic staff is dedicated and experienced in their field, committed to producing the best out of the students. The strength of the Department of Physiology lies in the outstanding faculty who take pride in a strong commitment to excellence in teaching. The department is actively engaged in a range of educational activities, including both classroom teaching across the campus, as well as the training of high quality graduate and post graduate students.

Hematology Lab – Well equipped with illumination for 100 students
  • Compound microscopes
  • Microhematocrit
  • Hemocytometer
  • Hemoglobinometer
  • ESRITE (ESR kit) and other routine equipments for hematology experiments
Clinical Lab – Apart from routine instruments used for clinical examination, it is equipped with other special equipments like:
  • Student Vitalograph
  • Mosses Ergograph
  • Perimeter
Electrophysiology Lab – For Teaching and Research activities, equipped with
  • ECG Machine
  • Tread Mill
  • Physiography
Mammalian Lab – For Post graduate students. Equipped with
  • Langendorff apparatus
  • Dales Organ baths etc.,
  • Martin Bicycle Ergograph
Amphibian Lab – Instruments for carrying out experiments on intact and isolated-Heart and muscle experiments
Research Lab – Equipped with common research equipments and specialized equipments like
  • Single pan Balance
  • UV – Vi’s Spectrophotometer
  • Calorimeter
  • pH meter
  • Hi speed centrifuge
  • Passive Movements

Department Of Physiology

S. No.
1          Dr. G. Durga Devi          Professor & HOD
2          Dr. R. Sireesha          Associate Professor
3          Dr. V. Santhi          Associate Professor
4          Dr. Ch. Srilatha          Assistant Professor
5          Dr. M. Sudhir          Assistant Professor
6          Dr. Ch. Sowjanya Latha          Assistant Professor
7          Sri R. Nasar Ahamed          Tutor